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Latest release: 20171016



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About ZinjaI on Mac OS X:

Warning: Due to the lack of propper hardware Mac OS X packages are released without proper testing, so you will find some bugs. Please report them (or request help) at zaskar_84<arroba> Any information about problems is welcome and will be usefull to realise about them and to define priorities at fixing time.

If you don't know wich version to pick, in most of the recent systems i686 is the correct one. The package only contains the IDE; you must also install compiler and debugger. The compiler can be either gcc or clang (the easiest way yo install one of them is installing xcode). The debugger should be gdb, but recent xcode versions install lldb instead. You can use the rest of ZinjaI's features without gdb, or you can try to install it ang sign it manually.

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