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News 2017

11/21/2017: Updated wxWidgets complement: this version is based on wxWidgets 3.1.0 unicode. There is a complement for GNU/Linux including templates, autocompletion index and an off-line reference of the library; and a complement for Windows that also includes binaries for both dynamic and static linkage. Previous version (2.8.12-ansi) is still available, but it's now deprecated.Download...

10/16/2017: New release without new features, but including many fixes and little improvements, and solving some problems related to anti-virus software falsely detecting the installer for Windows as malware. Full ChangeLog... Download...

10/08/2017: Installer for Windows updated, solving some issues related to gcc version change and installing over and old ZinjaI release, and silences some anti-virus' false positives Download...

10/02/2017: New release with many fixes and improvements (including some big ones for Mac OS users, mainly related to debugging).

09/10/2017: Updated complements: all complements involving precompiled libraries for Windows (OpenGL, OpenCV, SFML, wxWidgets, Box2d) where updated to be compatible with the new MinGW version included in the latest ZinjaI release Download...

09/10/2017: New release: Updated mingw version in Window' installer (now based on gcc 6.3), new features such as project inheritance and an experimental mini-map panel, a reworked icon theme, and many other fixes and improvements. Full ChangeLog... Download...

06/08/2017: Updated C++ reference: There is a new version of the cppreference complement with updated documentation (including C++14 and C++17 additions). Download...

06/07/2017: New release solving some important issues related to the definition of custom compilation steps in projects, improvements in the autocompletion system, and some other details and fixes.

02/03/2017: Complements: new complement for Box2D library, and updated complement for SFML. Download...

News 2016

12/14/2016: New release with many improvements and bugfixes, and an updated mingw version in the installer for Windows.

12/14/2016: New versions of Windows complements: OpenCV.3.1.0, SFML-2.4.1, wxWidgets-2.8.12, glew-1.13.0 and freeglut 3.0.0, all recompiled with the new mingw version included in ZinjaI 20161214. Download...

08/29/2016: New release with many improvements and bugfixes.

08/18/2016: Updated C++ reference: There is a new version of the cppreference complement with updated documentation. Download...

05/23/2016: New release: This is mostly a bug-fix release, for fixing a few very annoying bugs.

04/20/2016: New release: This release fixes some important bugs, improving the IDE's stability and performance.

03/28/2016: New release: This release includes some improvements in a project's compiling options, many more little gui-level improvements in various settings dialogs, a new item to see the disassembly of the code while debugging and to stepping by asm intructions, and an important fix related to the update of the backtrace panel. Full ChangeLog... Download...

02/22/2016: Last release was re-uploaded: there was a bug preventing the compilation of c++14 programs with gcc 4.8.

02/21/2016: New release: The first 2016 release is now available with many improvements, fixes, and a few new features.

News 2015

09/20/2015: ZinjaI for Mac OS X updated: there was an error in previous version's packing script that was preventing ZinjaI from running any compiled program or project.

09/10/2015: New release: no new features, but many bug-fixes for errors in new features from the two previous releases.

08/25/2015: Last release was re-uploaded: there was a minor bug preventing updates notification after fresh installs.

08/23/2015: New release: This version fixes a few anoying bugs from previous one, add more tools in code generation submenu, and also include some minor debugging improvements and fixes.

08/17/2015: New release: The changes include a few new features for low-level debugging, a new command to generate functions definitions from actual calls, a new quick way to rename identifiers in a given scope, some new rules for smart indention mechanism, more flexible autocodes, and, as always, many other minor improvements and fixes here and there.

07/12/2015: New release: The changes include many improvements and fixes. Among the most visible ones it is a new extern tool integrated in Tools menu (lizard, for measuring source code complexity), reduced times in the analisys phase before compiling/running a big project, and new contextual menus for toolbars' buttons with related commands.

07/12/2015: Updated web site: There are some tweakes in its style to give it a cleaner look, and a few update contents.

03/31/2015: New release: the changes are mostly fixes for bugs in the previous release's new features. There also relaxed requirementens for running in GNU/Linux (libpng12 is not longer required, and old versions of libc (2.12.9 on)will owrk again).

03/20/2015: New complement: OpenCV: a new complement for programming with OpenCV library was uploaded, both for Windows and GNU/Linux. Go to complements section.

03/20/2015: Updated CImg complement: includes an updated library version, some little packing bugfixes for new ZinjaI versions, and a new project template with a couple of extra files to reduce compile times (se this link for details). Go to complements section.

02/10/2015: New release: This release includes many changes and improvements. Most important ones are mainly related to debugging features, but there are also improvements in GUI, in the autocompletion system, new customizable preferences (such as keyboard shortcuts), new fetures for editing code (such as rectangular selection and edition), and more.

News 2014

02/12/2014: Test version updated: There is an update ZinjaI beta release for Windows and GNU/Linux in Complements' section. Besides changes for previous test version, it also has many improvements in autocompletion system. ChangeLog... Donwload...

22/11/2014: Very important, if you downloaded the trial version 20141119 for Windows read this.

19/11/2014: New test version: There is a new ZinjaI beta release in Complements' section that includes all changes and improvements developed during last months. You can take advantage of them now, and also help me identifying the remaining problems to be fixed before the next stable release.

06/20/2014: New release: this release fixes many bugs (some very annoying ones), have some usefull improvements in debugging system (such as autocompletion in inspections panel), presents a slightly reorganized interface (reworked main windows' menues and several other contextual menues), have a better initial settings autodetection in GNU/Linux systems (more terminal emulators are recognized, and now ZinjaI can try to install missing apps such as gdb or gcc in Debian based systems), and includes also some other miscellaneous improvements as always (such as the abillity to travere navigation history with Alt+Left and Alt+Right, or the posibillity to define a different font for code), and more. ChangeLog... Download...

05/21/2014: Updated CImg complement: there's a new version of CImg's complement for Windows in complements section. There was a problem in the previous one when trying to use the included convert.exe to load files with compressed image formats. And there's also a little change in the project template's settings that can lead to a much shorter compile times.

04/11/2014: New release: There are not many changes (added an option to move debugging information out of compiled binaries into separate files) but it fixes some important bugs from previous release.

03/22/2014: New complements: complements section was updated. Now it includes complements for wxWidgets and CImg libraries, and a complete and updated C/C++ reference that can be integrated in ZinjaI's help system.

03/22/2014: New release: Includes improvements in autocompletion system, the ability to integrate a complete an updated C/C++ reference (available as a complement), an updated MinGW version in Windows' installer, several improvements in wxWidgets integration (templates and binaries for Windows will be now distributed as complements to reduce installer's size), and many other changes.

03/22/2014: Updated web site: This site was reorganized to simplify its use and offer modern layout.

News 2013

11/27/2013: Updated complement: complement for SFML-2 has been updated. Now it includes a full autocompletion index, an improved project template (using features from today's zinjai update) and binaries (windows only) and references, for SFML-2.1. Download complements...

11/27/2013: New release: It features some improvements in projects handling and autocompletion indexes capacities that will lead to better complements (complements must also be updated to take advantage of these changes). It also contains many bugfixes and some minor UI improvements. ChangeLog... Download...

11/05/2013: Updated complement: there was an error with libraries ordering in templates for SFML-2.x for Windows that was generating linker errors when trying to use the audio module. It's fixed now. Also, a preliminar autocompletion index for this SFML version was added. Just download and reinstall it again.

10/08/2013: Updated complement: there was an error with SFML-1.x complement for Windows when trying to use the audio module. It's fixed now, so if you need it, just download and reinstall it again.

08/01/2013: New release (fixes a big problem from 20130730): there was a big mistake in 20130730 release, so if you intalled it, you should upgrade to solve the "-std=<default>" error when compiling projects.

07/30/2013: Updated complements: complements for SFML-1.6 have been updated to fit recent ZinjaI and MinGW releases, and new complements for SFML-2.0 are now available too.

07/30/2013: New release: after a long long time, there's a new official release with many bugfixes, new experimental support for gcov, improved support for gprof, an updated mingw version in Windows' installer, and many other details.

01/11/2013: Window's installer updated: OpenGL templates where missing in last version. It's fixed now and available in download section.

01/02/2013: Window's installer updated: there was an error in previos version's parser packed in Windows installer. It's fixed now and available in download section.

News 2012

12/30/2012: New release: this is just a bugfix release, there are no new features.

11/27/2012: New release: there's a new ZinjaI's stable version. This release includes many new features (being the ability to use alternative toolchains the main one), and many bug fixes.

11/12/2012: New test version: there's a new ZinjaI's version for testing that includes many new features (including the ability to setup alternative toolchains) and a lot of bug fixes. Get it here...

11/12/2012: Web site changes: there where some little style changes in this site, a reorganized main page, and the most important change: contact section was replaced by SourceForge's forum system. So, now questions, suggestions, and bug reports will be publicly available and anybody will be able to read and participe.

10/07/2012: git repo address changed: due to sourceforge's platform upgrades, git address for this project has changed, here's the new one.

04/13/2012: Another release: This version fixes many bugs and introduces some new features such as a complement installer, the possibility to insert or remove breakpoints without pausing execution, a configuration dialog for cppcheck, and some minor interfase improvements. Also, the GNU/Linux version is compiled with an more updated Ubuntu to avoid some weird problems (such a segfault after drag and drop), and wxWidgets version in Windows installer was updated to the lastets stable release (2.8.12).

02/29/2012: Updated linux packages: I've introduced by mistake an extra linking option when updating mingw that broke linking in other platforms than win32. It's fixed now.

02/25/2012: Web site changes: I've just uploaded a new version of this web site, that looks very similar to the old one but internally uses divs instead of frames to organize its content.

02/22/2012: Updated windows installer: There is a bug (or a extrange change) in the latest gdb that generates troubles when source's paths contains spaces, so I've included an slightly older gdb version.

02/15/2012: Updated windows installer: Nod32 antivirus was telling people that zinjai.exe looks like a virus (only because it contains string "ping" somewhere). Don't worry, it's not!. But I've made a little change to avoid this confusion.

02/15/2012: GIT repository: now you can get the latest development source code for ZinjaI and all of its components from its git repository in git://

02/14/2012: Cucarachas Racing is the name of a new blog where you will find many posts about my free software projects, including ZinjaI.

02/13/2012: Another release: no new features, just some bugfixing and new compiler and debugger versions in Windows' installer.

02/06/2012: First release of the year: There are many small improvements and a few new features (most important: Preprocessor menu in Tools and simplified compiler error messages for templates and some standard elements).

News 2011

11/16/2011: New test-version: This ones fixes some little bugs, introduces a new feature that simplify a lot compiler errors realted to templates, strings and STL, and includes the missing binaries for generating various graphs with tools menu.

10/24/2011: Little corrections: I've just uploaded another release that fixes two little mistakes from last one. I'm planning to keep this one as stable one for a few month, since there are no new features in progress yet, and future work will be available as testing version first.

10/20/2011: New bug-fix release: There no new features, just some corrections to the ones added for previous release.

10/09/2011: New release: Include new features such as autocode templates, customizable colour scheme for syntax highlighting, CppCheck integration, and many other small improvements.

09/06/2011: New test-version:: Improves autocodes systems, adds CppCheck integration (static code analysis), add a tool to complete missing functions definitions, and many fixes.

08/23/2011: New section: Test versions and Complements: Here I'll be uploading ZinjaI's test versions (only main binary file, a small download to test latest features without waiting to the next release) and complemets (project templates, autocompletion indexes, and some extra stuff for external libraries).

08/07/2011: New section: Documents: You can find a new section in this site with some documents and tutorials about ZinjaI. Most of them are not in English (in Spanish instead), but I've just added the first one in English that shows how to build a simple application with ZinjaI and wxFormBuilder

08/02/2011: Bugfix release: Previous version's wxWdigets autocompletion index was corrupted. ChangeLog...Download...

07/29/2011: New release: Bugfixes and improvements in parallel building and wxFormBuilder integration features

07/23/2011: Bugfix release: Previous one had some bugs in parallel building and wxFormBuilder integration

07/18/2011: New release: Now ZinjaI can handle several parallel compiler processes, so building time for projects can ve drastically reduced in a multicore cpu.

06/18/2011: New release: Includes improvements in project's profiles handling, the possibility to display multiple simultaneous views of a same project file and bug fixes again.

05/08/2011: New release: Mainly bugfixes, but there are some little improvements as well.

03/03/2011: Bugfix win32 release, and download links updated for all versions: I've just realized that download link were not pointing to latest versions in the english download page. It fixed now. There is also a newer version for Windows users fixing some critical problems introduced in last update (about speed with wxFormBuilder projects, y hangs on initialization when "autohide panels" is enabled).

02/03/2011: New release: Lots of bug-fixes, better wxFormBuilder integration, auto-hiding panels (experimental) and many more almost invisible improvemts.

News 2010

10/03/2010: Off-topic: MotoGT: Here is my first public game, free and multi-platform. Written in C++ with ZinjaI and SFML. Visit for more info

09/23/2010: Bugfix release (mostly): There were problems with the english translation file (thanks to Harry Kar for reporting), for running ZinjaI in Windows 2000 (thanks Van Wylen for reporting and testing), and toolbars status syncing between View menu and Preferences dialog (thanks to Seba and Naty Scioli for reporting).

08/29/2010: New release: Better stabillity, minor debugging systems improvements, some visual upgrades, experimental thread table for debugger, abillity to define custom extern tool buttons, and more.

07/23/2010: Mac beta updated: Fixes debugging.

06/30/2010: Mac beta updated: Fixes keyboard problem with some deadkeys, changes default paths for projects, Doxygen excutable and wxFormBuilder excutable (deleting $HOME/.zinjai is recommended after updating), and include compilation profiles for Mac in wxWidgets and wxFormBuilder project's templates.

06/24/2010: New release: Most important changes include: beta support for Mac OS X!, speed optimization in the debugging system, reworked icons (now with multiple resolutions to choose), a new mini-templates panel (with control structures at the moment) aimed to help beginners, and many other minor fixes and improvements.

06/01/2010: Comming soon: ZinjaI for Mac!: Thanks to an user (Rodrigo) that contacted me and was able to compile ZinjaI in his mac (screenshot), I'm now working to offer an official Mac version. Theoretically (and only theoretically) everithing that ZinjaI needs should be available for Mac, so I should be able to compile all the stuf without problems... But there is one little problem: I don't have a Mac. So it won't be easy, but I've managed toto install a lot of things in my GNU/Linux in order to generate excutables for Mac (cross-compiling). I've contacted some people who actually have Macs in order to test it soon, but if this works it will need a loooot of more testing, so any help will be welcomed. Mac users, be alert!.

05/26/2010: BigBugFix in ZinjaI: There was a problem in new startup code that could cause a segfault when trying to show New File/Project Wizard, or when closing the IDE. If you experience this problem, you must update ZinjaI. There are no new fetures, only a new splash screen and may be a slightly faster startup.

05/21/2010: Bugfix in ZinjaI for GNU/Linux: There was a problem in runner that prevented terminal from waiting for a key after execution in some systems (it occurs mainly in 64bits ones). Now it's fixed.

05/20/2010: New release: Now you can create yor own libraries in ZinjaI's projects. Many help topics related to the GUI and projects were updated. A colour code was implemented in Inspeccion's Table in order to highlight changes (and the possibility of freezen an inpection's value). Also, a new statistics dialog and a graph visualization were added for projects in Tools menu.

05/04/2010: Package for GNU/Linux 64bit replaced: there was a problem while building the old one (runner wasn't recompiled), so execution console didn't worked sometimes. Now it should be fixed, download again from the same link.

04/29/2010: New release: This is mainly a bugfix release; but also include some new tutorials related to debugging features.

04/15/2010: New release: This version fixes some bugs, improves Doxygen's integration, includes some basic Valgrin integration (only available on GNU/Linux) and updates English translation.

02/26/2010: ZinjaI for Linux in 64 bits: It is available now a 64 bits release for testing.

02/21/2010: Updated First english version: There is a new package with some little details fixed from yesterday's release.

02/20/2010: First english version: This release will let you choose the gui language. If it's the first time you run ZinjaI, it will ask you for wich language to use. If you have installed ZinjaI previously, you must choose it in "Preferencias" dialog (from menu: "Archivo" -> "Preferencias", then look a the firs option in tab "General").

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