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  To install a complement, donwload it choosing the complement and your operative system download link, and use the "Install Complements" item in ZinjaI's "Tools" menu.

Showing only Windows downloads. Click here to display all available downloads.

[+] wxWidgets Library

  • wxWidgets 2.8 (last update: 12-14-2016):

  • Official library website:
  • The complements includes a project template to work with a visual extern designer: wxFormBuilder. This software is not included in the complement package, must be downloaded and installede separatedly. Official wxFormBuilder site is

[+] SFML Library

[+] Box2D Library

  • Box2D 2.x (last update: 01-03-2017):

  • Official library website:

[+] CImg Library

  • CImg 1.6.1 (last update: 03-20-2015):

  • Official library website:

[+] OpenCV Library

[+] OpenGL basic pack

  • OpenGL+FreeGLUT-2.8.1+glew-1.10.0 (last update: linux:03-21-2014, windows:12-14-2016):

  • All files in this complement are included in ZinjaI's installer for Windows and so can be optionally installed with ZinjaI without this complement.
  • Official websites for included libraries:,

[+] C/C++ Reference

  • C/C++ Reference(last update: 06-08-2017):

  • This reference is an adapted copy of the documentation offered by

Test version

There are no test versions newer than current stable one. You can try to compile git code yourself in order to get the very latest features and fixes. Click here for more info.

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